1. How can I join Linqit?

In order to become a member on Linqit, you need to have a registered company. The type of business entity does not matter as long as you have a business identity code. You can join the platform online through our web application. When registering, you have the choice of registering either as a seller of services or as both a buyer and seller of services. .

2. What is the cost of the membership?

We want all companies to be able to use Linqit. Thus, we have done our very best to make the service as affordable as possible. The membership fee depends on company size and service scope. If you only wish to sell services, the membership fee is lower than if you wish to both buy and sell services.


Try Linqit for free the first two months!

Annual company turnover below 300 000 € Annual company turnover above 300 000 €
Access both to the buying and selling of services 30 €/month 40 €/month
Access only to the selling of services 15 €/month 20 €/month

Prices are excluding VAT.

The membership is paid for six (6) months at a time. By signing up for the service in advance, we will keep you updated about Linqit’s launch. In addition to that, all companies who have signed up in advance will get the membership fee waivered for first three months of their membership. Signing up in advance is not binding, and you can do it here.

3. For how long do I commit to the service? Can I cancel my membership?

Your membership subscribes you to Linqit for six (6) months at a time, and will be automatically renewed provided that you do not cancel your membership. If you wish to cancel, make sure to do so no more than 14 days before your current six-month period runs out. If you do cancel your membership, your profile will be deleted from Linqit at the end of the current membership period (or earlier, if you wish so).

4. What do I commit to through my membership on Linqit?

The aim of Linqit is to offer its members a network of companies that streamlines companies’ businesses and creates synergies between them. You can further this effort by ensuring that the information in your profile is up to date and accurate. Once you have created your profile, you only need to make sure to update your calendar every now and then. Furthermore, in order for the service to work as efficiently as possible, it is important that every member replies to all the requests that they receive no matter if they are of interest or not.

5. How do I pay the membership fee?

When registering to Linqit, you commit to paying the membership fee. Once your registration has been approved, the invoice for the first six-month membership period will be sent to you by email. The payment is due in 14 days.

6. What happens if I do not renew my membership?

If you wish to cancel your membership, you have to do so no later than 14 days before the end of the ongoing six-month membership period. Once you have canceled you membership, your company profile will be removed from Linqit. This is done at the end of the six-month period. Should you wish for you profile to be deleted prior to that, that is naturally also possible. Made payments will not, however, be returned.

7. Can Linqit be used all over Finland?

Linqit was first launched in the Vaasa region within building and house manufacturing as well as the metal and energy industries. The service is now open to companies all over Finland and we add on with more branches as requested from our members.

We welcome all members (and coming members as well) to help us develop Linqit. If you have thoughts and ideas then please feel free to contact us through email, or give us a call.


8. Why is Linqit available only to certain industries? When will Linqit be extended to cover my field of work?

To work efficiently, there has to be a sufficient number of service buyers and sellers within a specific field of work. In order to make sure that supply and demand will be reasonably balanced, we have decided to launch the service within a limited number of industries.

We do, however, aim to extend the service also to other branches and we add on with more branches as requested from our members. Right now, Linqit is available within the following industries:

  • Construction & wood processing
  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • IT
  • Management
  • Finance & admin
  • Marketing & sales

Weare more than happy to hear what industries you think should be included in our service next. You can send us your thoughts and ideas through email, or give us a call.


9. For what purpose will the information in my profile be used? Is it safe for me to publish my information?

Linqit is only open to registered members. Your profile and the information that you have published will only be shared with companies looking for additional resources, not with companies offering similar services. Members who only use Linqit to sell their services are only able to see a limited part of the other members’ profile, while members who both buy and sell services are able to see all profiles registered. The information that you have registered on the platform will only be used in its own processes. Information on pricing and availability is usedin order for the system to provide buyers resources that match their search criteria. Linqit does not sell the information to third parties.


10. Can I trust that Linqit follows the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

All the information saved to Linqit will only be used for its own purposes. Our terms of use and privacy policy is in accordance with GDPR and is available for reading if you wish to get acquainted with your rights as a user of the service. You have the right to ask us to delete your profile at any time. Made payments will not, however, be returned.

Our members are responsible for the information that they register in our data base. If an employee has a differing view or objections to the information that their employer has published on the platform, they have to turn to the company, not Linqit.

11. How does Linqit’s search algorithm work?

Companies cannot pay for visibility in the search function. The search operates based on the criteria that the buyer has defined when creating their profile. The system searches and presents all resources that meet or excel these criteria. The search button, which can be found in the bottom right corner of the screen, enables the buyer to monitor the impact of the criteria on the resources that turn up in the search. When the buyer clicks the search button, the system showcases all the resources that meet the criteria in a prespecified order. The resources will primarily be listed on the basis of the feedback, i.e. the rating, that the service providers have received from previous clients. Secondarily, resources are listed in an alphabetical order. In later versions of Linqit, users will be able to choose how they wish the resources to be listed in their search results. Furthermore, earmarking one’s favorites and restricting the search to these will also be possible.

12. Is Linqit responsible for the agreed-upon completion of assignments conveyed through the platform?

Linqit is a service with the primary purpose to help companies buy and sell services to and from each other more efficiently. The platform provides companies with the tools to find and get in contact with each other. The buyer and the seller of the service will together agree on the terms of the contract. As both professionals are entrepreneurs, the contract is the equivalent of an agreement with a subcontractor. The subcontractor is in charge of their own insurances and similar arrangements.

As the procurement takes place directly between the buying and the selling part, Linqit is not responsible for the terms of contract or that they are carried through. The possibility to rate companies gives the buyer the chance to give feedback to companies that they have worked with through Linqit. Feedback is given primarily on completed assignments. However, it can also be used when a seller does not reply to inquiries on assignments.

13. I do not have a registered company. Can I join Linqit?

In order to be able to sign up with Linqit, you need to have a registered company. The type of business entity does not matter as long as you have a business identity code. You can register your company online through our web application. When registering, you have the choice of registering either as a buyer of services or as both a buyer and seller of services.

For support in starting a company, you can turn to regional company advisors, trade associations and TE services (public employment and business services).

14. I am a member on Linqit, but I do not receive assignment offers.

Linqit enables you to monitor how many times your profile has been listed in different buyers’ search processes. If you feel that your profile is less visible than it could be, or that you do not receive offers despite the fact that you do show up in searches, you might want to update your profile. It might be a good idea to update your profile description in order to make sure that it really reflects the resources and activities that you offer. Worth looking into is also that your skills, pricing, and calendar are up to date.

15. We cannot find suitable resources. What might be the problem?

When you create your profile, it is highly worthwhile to carefully consider the type of skills you are looking for. Linqit will only list resources that meet the criteria that you have set, which means that more demanding criteria gives less results. Considering the scope of the assignment is also recommended. Do you really need a full-time resource for a shorter period of time, or could the job be done at 75 % over a longer period of time? Criteria changes like these can have a surprisingly large impact on the results you get. The search button in the bottom right corner of the screen continuously show you how the search criteria you select impact the number of resources that match your criteria. When you have defined your search criteria, you press the search button and the system will present all the resources that meet your criteria in a prespecified order.

16. Is Linqit going to take away jobs of company employees?

Due to rapidly changing economic conditions and an uncertain market outlook, forecasting future workforce needs can be tough for companies. Occasionally, they may also need short-term specialist resources to help them develop their business. Linqit is a solution to situations like these as it helps companies to find entrepreneurs for short-term employments. Most companies consider their staff their most important resource, and Linqit does not want to disturb the balance between employers and their employees. Instead, Linqit’s aim is to help companies find additional resources for peaks in demand and prevent work breaks due to a lack of resources. Our aim is to help companies find resources more efficiently; not to replace existing staff with subcontractors.