Do you sell services?

There’s plenty of companies looking for short-term reinforcements. If you have a registered company with resources on offer, and you and your employees are professionals who value the advantages of flexible working on your own terms, then Linqit is the platform for you.

Busy times call for reinforcements, an extra source of power. Whether you’re a company in need of flexible resources, or a superhero ready to show your strengths, Linqit is here to your rescue.

Creating a profile on Linqit is quick and easy. If you match what a prospective employer is looking for, they will find your profile in which you’ve described your know-how, services and pricing. Your profile and information are only shared with companies looking for additional resources, not with others offering similar services. By updating the calendar in your profile, you can inform potential employers of when and for how long you are available to work with them.

Linqit provides an affordable and efficient way for you to offer your expertise to several prospective employers real-time. It enables you to get to know companies and various lines of businesses, and therefore have the possibility to show them what you’ve got on a temporary assignment. The service is subscription based, and you’ll activate your membership for a minimum of six months. Besides making sure that your calendar is up to date, there are no other requirements for the membership on your part. As Linqit takes care of the marketing of your services to relevant parties, you are able to save both time and money.


No matter where you’re located, the web application is easy to use. It shows you the number of potential employers who have viewed your profile, and sends you a message when a company wishes to buy your services. Once your task has been successfully delivered, your client can rate your performance. The better the job you’ve done, the better your rating in potential clients’ future searches.

Make Linqit your digital meeting place with new clients!


Initially Linqit is offered to firms in the Vaasa region in the fields of building and manufacturing of houses, as well as the metal and energy industries. The services will be extended to other branches and the rest of Finland at a later stage.


Annual company turnover below 300 000 € Annual company turnover above 300 000 €
Access both to the buying and selling of services 30 €/month 40 €/month
Access only to the selling of services 15 €/month 20 €/month

Try Linqit for free the first two months!

Prices are excluding VAT.

Linqit is a very interesting tool that we will be able to use both in our own marketing and when we need extra resources.

Stig-Erik Herrgård
CEO, Rescue Team Finland

This is collaboration in its best form. This setup offers maximum benefit for both the company in need of resources and the entrepreneur providing them.

Maria Norrlin-Asplund,
Chairperson, Korsholms Företagare