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Our story

”Would it not be nice to have a digital meeting platform that would enable small business owners to sell their services to bigger firms? A digital platform that could connect companies seeking short-term resources with available competent professionals?” Those were thoughts in Magdalena’s head as she was driving home from work one Friday afternoon. Summer had just begun, so she took a seat on her terrace accompanied by her husband Kjell-Owe Ahlskog, and a glass of wine. They developed the idea further.

Magdalena worked in the buying department of a big company. Every once in a while, she’d found herself thinking how beneficial it would be to be able to hire self-employed professional on a short-term basis. Kjell-Owe is a consultant, who’d found himself thinking similar thoughts. Sometimes it would be nice if a company had the chance to take on bigger projects although they might not have the resources for it, thus benefiting from the opportunity to make use of external resources. For consultants, for example, it is not rare to hire other consultants as subcontractors, thus enabling them to share their success among several professionals. At other times, again, it would be beneficial for an entrepreneur to market their services cost-efficiently and accessibly.

That is how the idea of Linqit was born.

Linqit offers a digital meeting place for companies that either are in the need of flexible resources, or have those resources on offer. For a self-employed professional, Linqit can act as a gateway to the market, while an established firm can hire professionals for shorter periods of time. Initially, the platform is launched for business owners in the Vaasa region with a focus first and foremost on companies in the building business, house manufacturing, and the metal and energy industries. It will be expanded to the rest of the country at a later stage. With plenty of value creating opportunities in sight, the plan is to develop the service on a continuous basis together with its users. The aim of Linqit is to become a natural part of the resource planning of both buying and selling companies, as well as an effective network for creating synergies between companies.