Are you looking for extra resources?

Due to rapidly changing economic conditions and an uncertain market outlook, forecasting future workforce needs can be tough for companies. Occasionally, they may also need short-term resources to help them develop their business. As a solution to situations like these, Linqit is the answer as it helps companies find entrepreneurs to employ on a short-term basis.

Busy times call for reinforcements, an extra source of power. Whether you’re a company in need of flexible resources, or a superhero ready to show your strengths, Linqit is here to your rescue.

Creating a profile on Linqit is quick and easy: all you need is to fill in a short description of your company and its business. When a need for additional resources arises, you can use the search function to view professionals who match your needs and are available for the time required. You can bookmark your favorites and compare their competencies, services, and pricing. You can employ a professional either short-term or long-term based on their ability as shown by their calendars. Getting in touch with professionals directly through the platform is easy and hassle free, in addition to which the terms will be agreed on by both parties together once you’ve gotten in touch with each other. Due to the fact that the professionals, too, are entrepreneurs, the contract is the equivalent of an agreement with a subcontractor.


Linqit is an efficient and inexpensive way for companies to make use of external resources on a short-term basis. As a buying company, there is no need for you to commit to long-term contracts: the service is subscription based, which means you’ll have to activate your membership for a minimum of six months, but that’s it. You get to see what a wide range of professionals have on offer. Your membership will save you both time and money as you need to look no further than to Linqit to find the workforce you need, right when you need it.

The web application is easy to use no matter where you are. It shows the number of potential professionals who have viewed your profile and makes it easy for you to compare the service offerings of a wide range of professionals. Once a task has been successfully completed, you can rate the performance of the professional.

Make Linqit your digital meeting point with a competent workforce.


Initially Linqit is offered to companies in the Vaasa region in the fields of building and manufacturing of houses, as well as the metal and energy industries. The services will be extended to other branches and the rest of Finland at a later stage.


Annual company turnover below 300 000 € Annual company turnover above 300 000 €
Access both to the buying and selling of services 30 €/month 40 €/month
Access only to the selling of services 15 €/month 20 €/month

Try Linqit for free the first two months!

Prices are excluding VAT.

The digitalization of services and procurement will become ever more important in B2B business relationship. Fitting its purpose, Linqit is an innovative tool, which I believe will support collaboration between companies in our region.

Hippi Hovi
CEO, Rannikko-Pohjanmaan Yrittäjät

For us in the building industry, Linqit will serve an important purpose when we need to find temporary resources. The more companies join, the better we can intensify our collaboration with different subcontractors.

Tom Rabb
CEO, VRK – Vaasan Rakennuskorjaus