Ekta Salon: “ Within the hair and beauty industry, the GIG- concept is old as time”

The hairdressing industry  has since long been based on the GIG-concept, says Sara Viklund and Emma Maris who together run Ekta Salon in Stenhaga, Vaasa.


  • As a hairdresser it is very common to work as an entrepreneur, or alternatively as an entrepreneur within a collective with others. There are some who choose to work with permanent contracts but renting a chair in a salon is far more common today. Others within the hair industry who work based on the GIG- concept are educators for different brands, they often work for big companies like for example Loreal, Sara Viklund tells us.


In the past, Viklund and her business partner Emma Maris rented chairs in the same salon,

before deciding to branch out and opening Ekta Salon, almost two years ago.

  • If you as a hairdresser want to build a solid customer base it could prove tricky if you move around too much. Some customers might follow, some will not. However, in the beginning of your career it is of course beneficial to test the waters and gain experience from a few different working environments to get an idea of how various workplaces operate. Furthermore, it is a good way of creating visibility for yourself and building up a new customer base.


  • The fact that you as a hairdresser can move around, is in many ways a positive thing if you are the more restless kind of individual and you want to spread your wings and try new things as well as deciding  your own workload and hours. Many young adults today find it somewhat tedious and counterproductive to be stuck in one workplace for many years, especially now as the GIG-concept is getting more common and people are prioritizing the benefits of more flexibility and freedom.


What does the future hold for the beauty industry?

  • Unfortunately competition ruins a lot of what could become fruitful cooperation between salons. We should within the industry try to improve the GIG-concept between workplaces – if for no other reason than building bridges between salons and therefore helping each other out.