Marcel Khan, an inspiring personality from the Netherlands and CEO at Thunderbird Fried Chicken in London, shares his thoughts about the GIG-economy, a growing trend in London, where Thunderbird Fried Chicken currently operates 5 fast food restaurants.

“Hiring contractors and freelancers instead of company employees can provide greater flexibility for all parties”, says Khan.

The GIG-economy seems to be a growing trend. However, Thunderbird do not use freelancers, they prefer to employ staff directly and do not use zero-hour contracts.

–          Having said that, Deliveroo, our delivery partner, has built their rider team business on the gig economy. There are some definite pros to working within a GIG-economy as this provides more Flexibility, freedom and personal fulfilment for employees whilst minimising ‘wasted’ labour and reducing admin for employers.

–          In these uncertain times what with Brexit going on, it seems to me that unpredictability surrounding earnings is not necessarily a good thing depending on your own priorities, Khan says. Many younger generations especially, do not place great importance on earnings, but rather prioritize the flexibility and freedom that working within the GIG-economy gives them.

Fundamentally, the concept of the gig economy is a good one in that some employees and employers can benefit from greater flexibility.

Nevertheless, a full research study should be conducted to evaluate benefits, pros & cons for all concerned. It should also introduce more regulations to protect employees and ensure taxes are paid properly. Taxation being something that is often more difficult to control within the UK than for example in Finland.