Linqit – Is recruiting neccesary?

The Digisilta project was an inspiring and friendly get together at local restaurant Bocks 6th November. The evening consisted of a handful of entrepreneurs from Ostrobothnia who very passionately and with great excitement presented us their new products and ideas within the digital world. Many interesting discussions and bright innovations filled the meeting room.

Sture Udd, the owner of Bocks, shared his thoughts and visions about Finnish healthcare. The hot topic of the evening being how to improve and facilitate the healthcare sector.

Kjell- Ove, CEO of Linqit held the last presentation of the evening.

Linqit was very happy with the positive feedback as Kjell-Ove explained the core idea behind Linqit.

– “Is recruiting always necessary?”. The world is changing rapidly and flexibility as well as values are becoming increasingly important. This means that many sectors need to adapt.


Linqit has been created to operate as a networking platform, for small as well as big companies, where they can buy and sell services amongst each other.

In addition Kjell- ove mentions how Linqit can operate as a promoting tool when it comes to students or graduates who want to dip their toes in to the world of entrepreneurship or who want to moonlight on the side of school because of the flexibility that working within the gig-economy brings.


Digisilta was a great event where entrepreneurs with interesting solutions and visions got the chance to brainstorm, receive feedback as well as compare thoughts and innovations. The evening ended with a good atmosphere in the air and many agreed that another event like this would be very welcomed in the future.