Lawyer Anne Lindgren- Slotte:” You only get started once – so a little grafting is only expected”

This autumn Anne opened her doors to her new lawyers’ agency Lextera Law. To build up a client base requires hard work, long nights and a good network that pushes you forward and upwards.

– New people and their stories have always been of great importance to me. I have never looked at networking as a career enhancing opportunity, as I have always enjoyed social interactions, but as of becoming an entrepreneur it has become more obvious how important it is to get to know a variety of people within different sectors.

Lindgren – Slotte says that the legal sector has fingers in all sorts of pies, which means she deals with different authorities. To find the right people who can offer small shortcuts or new knowledge is extremely valuable.


– As a lawyer you are often expected to have an answer to everything. I do have a vast amount of experience and I have worked within many different sectors, however having people around you that can help you when it comes to different inquiries means a lot. Everything moves along a bit faster if you know people you can call when you feel unsure about something.


– I am also in need of good accountants, and as of recent an interior designer as well as a carpenter as the new office is getting closer to being ready. Any new contacts can come in to handy!


The start of Lextera has been very good and the flow of customers too.


– When you start something new, a little bit of extra grafting is often required. But as I tend to say, “You only start once”. The beginning is never easy, and it definitely involves some sleepless nights. But I have gone all in with deciding to do my best from the very start.

I am able to give my clients the time they need and answer all their questions, even if it means I will not get home for another hour.

Open communication is key. I want people to feel comfortable in taking contact and I want to guide my clients safely throughout the legal process.


Lindgren – Slotte finds it very exiting how the legal sector also is taking a bigger step towards a more digitalised customer interaction.


– At Lextera we also have taken a step towards more video-, chat- and telephone interactions. This is interesting as trust is the most important thing in a lawyer – customer relationship. I always aim at meeting face to face as I believe trust is best created that way. But we will have to keep an ear open as to what the customer requires in the future. The digital services are rapidly growing.

Anne Lindgren – Slotte also believes that the personalities of lawyers will play a bigger role in the future.

–  The society in general has become more defined by personalities and I try my best to give a bit of myself too. I think many people appreciate this, that I am not someone who just rabbles on about paragraphs, but also give a lot of myself. It makes the whole relationship more personal.

At the same time, I am an information junkie, detail oriented and curious as all lawyers should be.