Thomas Bäck from Kustmedia hopes for a growth of light entrepreneurs within Linqit.

Thomas Bäck at Kustmedia magazine has been working with freelancers for more than 20 years.

–We have around twenty active writers at all times. It is a perfect job for students, and we are always on the lookout for new talents.  All we require is curiosity, passion for writing and preferably a driving license and a car, says Thomas.

.Bäck is happy that Linqit has now decided to open its doors to light entrepreneurs and is hoping that people will use this opportunity that Linqit is providing.

– Many freelancers do not have a FO-number and there is a lot of administration work behind recruiting someone based on a few hours per month. To recruit a light entrepreneur saves both time and resources for employer as well as the employee.

The future within the industry looks promising. The editions of printed media are declining but not when it comes to the content that is produced, it is merely the platforms that have changed. Kustmedias strength lies in being able to offer everything from an idea to key in hand solutions for their customers.

– There is a growth in content production, and we gain new customers frequently. Today most of our material is published digitally and some of our customers have completely switched to digital publications.