Pia Simons predicts the coming trend to entail more “bought in temporary workforce”

Throughout the years Pia Simons, CEO at Simons Elements, has experienced many different trends when it comes to seasonal work, economic situations and temporary workforce.

       At the moment the trend looks like this: Many construction companies solely possess a certain amount of employees with a permanent contract.

The rest consists more or less of bought in temporary workforce.

The summers tend to be relatively easy to find temporary workforce whereas the autumn has proven to be quite tricky.

 A few years ago, there was a severe lack of engineers at Simons Elements. At times it has also been difficult to find construction workers.

        Today we can see a growth in popularity when it comes to the construction industry amongst students. The challenge for many young adults is to have the courage to start their own business as it is a very big step.

However, a positive is that nurseries and schools invest vastly in networking and social competence in general. This will reflect on the younger generations when it comes to entrepreneurship.

For them networking will be an obvious necessity.