Jarkko Pirttiperä: ” We need more flexibility within the healthcare sector”

The government K5 organises amongst other things social- and primary healthcare in Malax, Korsnäs, Närpes, Kaskö and Kristinestad. They like many others within the industry are experiencing difficulty when it comes to recruiting people with the right kind of specialist knowledge.


Jarkko Pirttiperä, the director at K5, is looking for more flexibility within the industry. At the moment there is a lack of psychologists, speech and occupational therapists to name a few.

        The most important ability within healthcare is to be able to deal with different kinds of people in a good way. To meet new people with kindness and making them feel safe in your care.


An emergency solution to the lack of staff is to buy in workforce and services from other companies.


        In order to find the right people for the right jobs, titles and grades are not that important. This is why it would be better to have a open mind and flexibility when it comes to deciding what kind of people to recruit.


        It is also important to implement preventative actions at an early stage. The client may not need to see a psychologist, but merely have someone to talk to, says development coordinator Sonja Nyback.


        Digitalisation creates possibilities to create new types of services and cooperation within healthcare. K5 was for example the first in Ostrobothnia to start using remote medical services. Now there are digital meetings every week.


        We are currently also trying out a new app aimed at psychiatry. Even if the view on healthcare is still fairly conservative, the trend is heading towards more virtual examinations and remote health care, says Sonja Nyback.