“Business is based on networking”, says sports events manager Joakim Träskelin

He is a well-known and creative sports events manager who has brought forward new concepts within sports and exercise. Joakim Träskelin is one of Finland’s few sports events producers.

–        I’ve always enjoyed being creative, creating something new and fixing things when needed. The sports and exercise sector have rocketed lately. Think about how few of the gyms existed before! There is more focus on health and wellbeing today. And people are willing to pay for their good health too. Nowadays we see start-up gyms everywhere, says Joakim who on the side of his regular job at Folkhälsan Utbildning acts as a sports entrepreneur.


Networking is essential when being an entrepreneur within this sector.

Joakim points out the importance of utilizing the expertise found amongst one another and to not be afraid of crossing new waters. Offers created between companies are essential today and make out an important role, especially for smaller companies within the industry. To win offers you need to have the courage to build up new entireties.

–        As a sports entrepreneur you need to be clear about what your product is and do it well. The digital services are increasing at high speed at the moment. Everything is more user friendly than before which makes it easier, says Joakim.