There is a high demand for specialists within the social sector

Heidi Svartsjö is head of unit for Familiar Saukkoranta in Vasa which is a bilingual child protection unit. Svartsjö is a social worker by profession and today has over 18 fulltime employees as well as a dozen gig workers. It is quite the challenge to find co-workers that meet the specific specialized skills required in the field.

  • – To find the right workforce today is definitely a challenge but the process is rewarding. Professions within the social and health sector today are strictly controlled and gig workers as well as students are not allowed to take any kind of responsibility – during a shift there always has to be a fully educated person in charge.
  • – Sometimes it is not even enough to have graduated – You often need additional special skills, certificates and experience for example within substance abuse care or psychiatric care.

In other words, it is very difficult to find temporary workforce. To buy services from other similar company’s does not work due to competition.

However, “Light entrepreneurship” is something we find very interesting in todays new trends and it is something we need to take a closer look at. This is a new possibility that might enable us to find the right people to co-operate with, says Heidi as she concludes the situation within the social sector