Mikko Ollikainen shares his top 5 networking tips

He’s got heaps of networking experience.

Mikko Ollikainen, member of parliament, has had his fingers in all sorts of pies, from sports and culture to the municipal sector. Now he has moved on to networking within the Finnish parliament. Read below about his 5 best networking tips.


1.     Look at everyday life as constant networking

        Leisure time, school, work, kids’ activities – all of these involve networking. Look at everyday life as the optimal time and place for networking on all levels. You never know when you might need a contact you encountered earlier in life. An old school friend could suddenly become extremely important and useful.

2.     Always be authentic

        This is most likely something you’ve heard before, but it is always important to be yourself.  Putting on a mask will always come across as fake and you will lose credibility. Be true to yourself and you will get further and also feel better within yourself.

3.     Keep your eyes and ears open. Stay on top of your game.

        One of the most important things when it comes to networking is to listen to and be genuinely interested in the individuals you are talking to. To be modest, without being apologetic. It is also important to play your cards right in a mingling situation. It is crucial to be aware of right timing when it comes to bringing up certain subjects. Who is susceptible for what? When is it a better idea to take a step back and wait?

4.     A Positive outlook on life is always a winner

– To walk into an interview and directly proceed to complain about things is never a good idea. The same goes when communicating with people in general. A positive first impression is hard to forget, and no one wants to listen to a moany person. Be friendly and smile when you walk into a room! It is easy but also crucial.

     5.Be selfless and build bridges

– This is something that is especially important within my job as a municipal. To be someone who builds bridges and connects people that might be of use to each other for various reasons. Help people find each other! Both companies and private individuals. It creates both a feelgood factor and value. Networking is not only about your own needs.