Light Entrepreneurship – this is how it works

Did you know that it is possible to have your own business without having to have your own company? Forget the buerucratic hazzle and tons of paper work! There are services that offer the possibility of invoicing without a business ID, and now Linqit opens up to all you Light Entrepreneurs out there.

The new and hot concept on the labour market are light entrepreneurs, meaning self-employed people that want to focus on their core business without all burdens that normally comes along with the pleasure. Uncertainties in the market is creating a shift towards self-employment, and an increasing amount of people appreciate the upside of managing their own week.

Who can become a Light Entrepreneur?

Light Entrepreneurs do not have their own company according to the traditional definition, as they are invoicing their services or incurred hours through a dedicated invoicing platform. Ukko, Eezy and similar providers offer individuals invoicing services without the requirement of creating a business ID, which creates increased flexibility and lowers the bar to accept sporadic jobs and short-term tasks. This simplified way of working might also serve as a gateway to more long term commitments, as the Light Entrepreneur can build a customer base strong enough to support a whole career

Can anyone contract a Light Entrepreneur?

Most definitely! It might be a safe alternative for a start-up company where fixed costs constantly create challenges, or for company operating in a volatile market that creates temporary lack of resources, but where the intermediary nature of these fluctuations can make permanent employment a costly way of operating. The only economical consequence of having the Light Entrepreneur onboard are the invoices, nothing more, nothing less

How do I register myself as a Light Entrepreneur?

To join Liqit you will need a business ID, or then you should be using a platform available for Light Entrepreneurs, such as the ones described above. Just fill out your information in our web application and create a profile where you describe your knowledge, services, and maybe most importantly: yourself. It is also recommended that you upload a logo or similar of your business, or a picture of yourself. It is our mission at Linqit to match you with your future clients. This is the place for networking!