We entrepreneurs need each other

It has been a hectic year for Staffan Julin. His company Byggtjanst H-E Storlund Ab has been in charge of the construction of Fiskets Hus in Vasa. The doors to the new restaurant are to open end of this month!

The construction started August 2018 and one year later it is almost ready and already considered a landmark. The spectacular building is situated perfectly by the water right next to the Vasklot bridge and the various businesses, such as a seafood restaurant and fishmongers will start offering their services later this month.

-It has been a very demanding project when it comes to the time schedule, but we are happy that the tenants can open up their businesses as planned. We have had a few situations come up where I have been especially cautious. For example, the drying process of the concrete flooring is a very critical phase. Despite this, everything has thankfully enough gone very well! We even managed through the heavy storms during the autumn, even if we had to take some precautions some of the days, VD Staffan Julin proudly states.

Today Storlunds Byggtjanst has 12 employees and buys in extra workforce when there is a need for it. For Julin working within a GIG-environment is nothing new. He is used to networking, which is very much needed when in charge of big projects like constructing Fiskets Hus.

-There are some challenges when it comes to workforce and our work is very much driven by high- and low season. The requirements of and the need of specialist knowledge within different sectors means you have to find partners to co-operate with through new channels.  We entrepreneurs need each other, says Julin.