The labour market is changing rapidly – this is how we handled it

“I want to be flexible”, “I want to control my own sales and especially when I do what.”, “I want to have a comfortable working climate” – these are the trends and expectations of the employment market 2019.

It is also part of the reason for an increase in flexibility, B2B-sales and designing your own workload.

When we started Bertills & Jung Ab in August 2018, it was clearly also a big risk as our business idea was to create a slightly different communication agency that focuses on the core values of flexibility, teamwork, freedom and efficiency.

And B2B- mentality when it comes to resources. Furthermore, the overall range of services needed to be wide.

We painted the walls pink and the roof green. We created a different kind of business environment that aims to feel like home. As if we where at work yet at home in a way. At the same time, we knew that the digital development was hanging over us.

We immediately thought of the GIG- concept and realised we did not want to employ workforce directly but primarily buy services from others and therefore be able to join the competition when it comes to offers and capacity.

We definitely saw creating networks as a top priority- both digitally and physically and it has benefitted us greatly. Today we are five small company’s within the same office and even more within our own network – we co-operate with these constantly.

We buy services from each other, join in on offers and we are aware of each other’s strengths in general which makes us stronger.

It is beneficial to look within the company when it comes to buying and selling services but at the same time important to look forward: what is the market like at the moment? What are our needs when it comes to workforce? What possibilities are there for growth while still minimizing certain risks and increasing sales?

We have been members of for a while now as we clearly see the benefits of digitalization when it comes to business development. Now we are part of a system where we can both increase our own sales but also find the services and suppliers we need. This is what we believe to be the future.