I would gladly find someone to cooperate with

Melinda Backlund, founder of Mind Body Balans, started out as an entrepreneur when she completed her healthcare therapist schooling via Sverigehalsan in Stockholm, Sweden.

At first, she focused on seminars and working with small groups regarding life coaching but soon enough she had to take a hiatus from work to focus on family life for a few years.

However, in 2013 she was up and running again and decided to further educate herself to becoming a personal trainer, which meant she could now provide a wider range of services within healthcare and wellbeing.


 Today Melinda focuses on coaching interval training and body training groups. Some of the group members that she coaches participate in Trail races and ocr races here and there.


        There is quite a lot of competition within my chosen profession, says Melinda.

Partly there are quite many personal trainers around today and there is a vast range of different training techniques which is a good thing. In addition, people today are very health conscious, especially the younger generations. But sometimes it is worth focusing more on your health to create a better life quality in the long run.


Melinda is the first person in Finland to have become a medical training practitioner. A new target group (the elderly), has emerged thanks to this qualification.


        I’ve had the chance to hold a lot of seminars for the elderly revolving around different themes based on exercise due to different diagnoses.

In addition to this I work at Easyfit in Smedsby and will be cooperation with Wasa Vertical come autumn.

        I often work alone with planning and arranging which can be boring at times. I would be very happy to cooperate with a partner and would possibly be looking for someone with different or similar skills to create a project with, says Melinda.


 Melinda hopes that Linqit will be a good platform for creating visibility and finding cooperation, but also for marketing her services.