Hanna Löfholm – a long experience within the web and social media field

Having her own company, Hanna Löfholm is able to be agile with her work as an independent
marketing consult. At HANANAA Creative, Hanna takes care of marketing and branding for other
companies. She works as a Social Media Manager – responsible for updating content for a brand’s
social channels; Facebook, Instagram, blogs etc. With a long experience within the web and social
media field, Hanna has developed a special mindset for what works within brand.

– My most popular services so far are websites and blogs. Creating and designing a website
from scratch, and improving an existing website with UX improvement and SEO

– First time hearing about Linqit was through social media, I got an invitation and became a
member shortly after. What I have noticed is that us women have improved at collaborating
and networking, which I think is wonderful!