One step ahead- Always be prepared

When me and my wife Magdalena got the idea of a digital platform for companies, it was purely based on a feeling we had at that moment.

We recognised the need for a new way of thinking within companies overall and new way of connecting. To find workforce effectively on a short- term basis without recruiting and as an entrepreneur being able to market and sell your services.

Many companies have very specific needs within their industry and it is difficult to find workforce within your area without having to commit to permanent employment as of directly. For many this is a puzzle to say the least that gives you both headaches and uncertainty.

At the same time, we have a market that is becoming increasingly about “freelancing”. B2B appeals to more and more entrepreneurs which means that smaller companies are increasing in numbers at the moment.

This trend points at Finland also adapting more to the “GIG” way of working when it comes to “B2B”- this means that work tasks between companies will grow and will provide both increased sales, workforce and flexibility.

So, we solved the problem by listening to the needs of various industry’s but also through channelling in on what is happening on the market both in the Nordic countries as well as internationally. We saw something called the GIG- economy starting to take place and we felt that a digital platform like Linqit would be the answer to something completely new.

Linqits head office is situated in the Ostrobothnian countryside. It is a direct proof of the development within the digital industry today. You can pretty much situate yourself anywhere as long as you have a digital tool that helps with sales and workforce.