Linqit hosted a seminar with GIG-economy as the main focus

Tuesday morning started off with a colourful bang and plenty of good energy, with our guest speaker Heidi Schauman (Aktia, chief economist) giving us an insightful and inspiring lecture about the global and local economy today.

Flexibility within the working environment is increasingly important today as the market is fairly uncertain and companies shy away from recruiting new workforce.

Some departments, however, have a temporary need for people with a specific skill set that can be hard to find in Finland, for example within the more advanced IT section.

This is where Linqit comes in to the picture, and what the whole idea behind the company is based on; connecting and creating easy co-operation between companies, allowing companies to exchange and find temporary workforce to fit their needs.

The younger generation today crave flexibility and a sense of freedom when it comes to choosing their own workload, so the regular 9-5 h working day is not as attractive, and a new way of working has emerged.

Linqit provides opportunities to live a flexible life, while still maintaining a steady income and visibility within the employment market.

The platform also enables entrepreneurs to market their skills and vacancies within their company, aswell as calling out for people possessing specific specialist knowledge when needed, all this within a safe and controlled platform.

The market has changed, which also affects the bigger businesses. Stefan Grönholm from Aktia stresses the fact that co-operation is essential between companies that specialise within different areas and skills.

Grönholm mentions for example, the co-operation between Aktia and Finnvera, which aims to promote the company’s activities.

According to Grönholm the future of the bank seems to lie mostly within consulting.

Relocating in order to follow your dream job can be fairly expensive and consequently also lower your standard of living.

By using Linqit, companies can advertise and also look out for temporary “gigs”, which opens up more opportunities when it comes to specialist knowledge jobs and being able to follow your dream job without having to relocate permanently.

Hippi Hovi, CEO of KustÖsterbottens företagare r.f. (Suomen Yrittäjät ),  is thinking along the same lines but also states that although it is more common today that companies recruit within their own existing workforce, many companies put out ads for vacancies in the purpose of further marketing and branding their company.

To summarize it all, There is one core value that describes Linqits purpose and activities, and that is the “GIG- economy – co-operation before recruiting.