A channel for increased co-operation within the region

Magnus Pått, VD for Pool Digital has been a member of Linqit for the past six months.

Pool Digital currently has four employees working with development of digital services and tools for various companies.

          Our focus lies within making organisations more effective, for example by creating customized tools and integration between systems. Even our sales department work with apps created for  product presentation  and product configuration, as well as with websites which is the origin of the company’s activities.

          Pool Digital helps companies find easy, smart and effective solutions in their day to day activities. At Pool Digital you can find a lot of experience and knowledge combined with a passion for trends, innovations and new technology. This is where Linqit shows its potential of being a channel for trade and sharing of resources amongst companies.

        The entrepreneurial mindset of Ostrobothnia is good and I find the climate very positive at the moment. It is obvious there are some big challenges in getting a service like Linqit up and running, as we would know having had experience of working a fair bit with Saas-services throughout the years, but we hope that the business  idea will take flight and become a channel for increased co-operation within the region, it is very much needed, says Pått.