Linqit is a digital meeting place for companies to buy services from each other in an easy and cost-efficient way.

What is Linqit

If you’re an entrepreneur and wish to reach new clients in an affordable and efficient manner, then Linqit is your place to be.

Create a profile for yourself and mark your availability in your calendar, and Linqit will find you a client.

Interested? Register now, and we will offer your company the subscription fee for the first 2 months.


Linqit meets an important need for companies in this region. It is this kind of new thinking that companies need to manage their varying resource needs.

Juha Häkkinen
CEO, Ostrobothnia Chamber of Commerce

Running a growing company requires risk-taking, work and capital investments. Thanks to Linqit, however, business growth does not need to entail substantial financial risk, as being able to adapt your resources according to your needs helps you handle even high order volumes with safe deliveries!

Robin Granlund